General Guidelines

Let’s make the Living Room a great place to hang out to share experiences and help others. To ensure this happens, I must ask you to abide by the following guidelines when you post anything to any one of the couches on the Living Room forum.

  • The Living Room should at all times be an inclusive and safe place for all members
  • I encourage open and caring discussions and insist on respect from all members to each other
  • Hate speech, rudeness, threats, self-promotion and spam will not be tolerated. Posts containing any one of these will be deleted.
  • As the Living Room moderator, I reserve the right to remove any visitor found to be in violation of these guidelines.

The Living Room Orientation

New members

When you join, please introduce yourself, and once a member, please make new members feel welcome.

How to post

When you create a new discussion thread, make sure it has a clear topic and put it in the appropriate category.

Contributing to topics

Overall, please try to stay on topic, is the main rule, and be mindful and respectful that others may have different ideas and opinions to you.


Remember the Living Room is a public place, so don’t post your personal details such as email address, home address, phone number, or anything else that could personally identify you. I recommend you use a pseudonym or just your first name as your username.

Problems with your account

Please contact me. Don’t try and create a new account as multiple accounts are not allowed.

Report abuse

I may not see any posts containing abuse straight away. It is important that all members take responsibility for ensuring the Living Room is a safe place, so please report any abuse to me.

Knowledge sharing

Everyone has something to say that someone else may find useful. Please feel free to share information as long as you also share its source.